Ways to get free space on IPhone

In today’s time of advance technology with emerging new IPhone apps with advanced features and details. It is irresistible to download these apps and to use them on daily basis. Apple IPhones have memory range from 16GB to 64 GB and it sounds nice but it is quite possible that whatever model you are using some day you might get a pop up or message that small memory storage space. In that case what to do? You must be thinking how I can get free space on IPhone? So in that case you just need to do few things with your IPhone to get free space. In this article we are doing to discuss How You Can Get Free Space On iPhone ? These different ways are given below:

  • The very first step with you can proceed is delete the apps that you are not using frequently and you don’t need them anymore in your IPhone. Usually apps consume a large space of your IPhone memory and you can easily get free space by deleting unwanted & useless apps from your IPhone. There are many apps like 3D graphics and many games that you don’t like to play now you can delete them without any glitch.
  • You can delete iBook’s and media files to get free space on IPhone. Usually people love to download books, movies; TV shows episodes and forgets to delete them when they are done with them. These types of media files may have small and large size depending upon the graphics and formats. You can get free space by deleting useless videos, iBook’s and other media files.
  • Most of the people love photographs and they love to take and keep photos at their IPhones. For a fact these photographs consumes a large space on IPhones. Everyone is not aware of that IPhone takes three types of photo at a same time of different exposures to combine into one photo to provide a best look in your photo and these photos consume large space in your IPhone. So in this case to save space in your IPhone save HDR Photos version.
  • There are so many messages that our IPhone’s inbox always remain full with texts like multimedia, marketing promotional and voice messages. It is one of the convenient ways to get free space on IPhone by deleting old and useless messages timely.

So by performing above discussed ways one can get free space on IPhone and save memory also. 

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